The 5th Marathon "Muchkap-Shapkino-LUBO",  November 5, 2016

The 5th Marathon "Muchkap-Shapkino-LUBO",  November 5, 2016

The 5th marathon "Muchkap-Shapkino-LUBO" was held on November 5, 2016, the National Unity Day which was celebrated by the whole country. Racers and their supporters celebrated the holiday by dedicating it to running. More than 400 people ran marathon, half-marathon, and 10K, as well as the Sweet Race and the VIP-Race.

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The 5th Marathon "Muchkap-Shapkino - Lubo!" was held on November 5, 2016.

The marathon is held annually on National Unity Day to promote healthy lifestyles and long-distance running.

Location: r.p. Muchkapsky, Russia
Starts: November 5, 2016 at 10:00 AM
Ends: November 5, 2016 at 16:00


Marathon 42 km 195 m,

Half Marathon 21 km 97.5 m

10 km

"Sweet race" for children and "VIP-race" for adults - 1195m!


Khoruzhiy Aleksandr Andreevich, Head of the Muchkap District Administration

Budaev Aleksand Vasilyevich, Head of the Shapkino village Administration

Vityutin Sergey Nikolaevich, Mashenkov Boris Nikolaevich.


There is no charge for registration!


karta22The marathon begins at 10am near the Muchkapsky District Administration building. Athletes make several laps around the town of Muchkap (the distance is 2 km 195 m). The race begins near the post office and continues through Muchkap towards the village of Shapkino after which it runs through the village of Varvarinountil the twenty-kilometer mark. At this point the althletes turn around and run back towards Muchkap. The finish line lies nearthe Alexander Nevsky monument at the post office. Markers are placed at every kilometer up until the twenty-kilometer markandyellow arrows on the road show where to run.

The half marathon begins at 10:15am near the post office building. Participants run through the same route as those who run the full marathon. Yet, they run until the “10km 548m” mark, then turn around and go back to the town of Muchkap where the finish line is. Those who choose to only run 10km will stop at the “5km” mark and then return to Muchkap.

The “Sweet Race” and the “VIP-Race” begin at 10:30am in both Muchkap (near the Alexander Nevsky monument) and the village of Shapkino (near the “20km” mark). Participants run 1195m through the aforementioned villages. 

Standard Accommodation

Sportsmen can be accommodated in the sports complex "Salyut" of the Muchkap village. It is provided free of charge but the conditions are basic and amenities severely limited.

Accommodation for Those Who Travel by Car

The village of Ivanovka, Zherdevsky district, ul. Druzhby, d. 2. Guest House is a hotel with all amenities, restored in Ivanovka, designed for tourists and guests of the Village Complex Agritourism “Medovye Prostory.” Viktor Sokolov. Tel. 8 (905) 755-1872. Distance from Tambov: 120 km. Distance to Muchkap: 66 km.

Tourist Complex "Russian Village". Address: Tambov region, Inzhavinsky District, s. Karandeevka, ul. Karandeevskaya, d. 41, phone: 8-910-655-40-91, 8-910-655-41-56. Distance to Muchkap (through Uvarovo): 82 km.

Guest house “Khutorok.” Address: Tambov region, Zherdevsky District, with. Sukmanovka. Phone: 8-915-885-02-22 - Alexey Zakharov. Distance to Muchkap: 80 km.

Accommodation in hotels of Uvarovo (Distance to Muchkap: 25 km)

Uvarovo, Hotel "Uvarovo," Mikrorayon #1, dom 1/1. tel. +7 (915) 672-82-57.

Uvarovo. Hotel "Gostinitsa," ul. Sovetskaya, d. 24A, tel. +7 (902) 732-52-59; +7 (980) 676-64-80.

The hotel is situated in the center of Uvarovo. It is a 2-story building with 12 rooms of different price categories.Uvarovo Street. Bazaar, d. 36, tel. +7 (47558) 41132 (round the clock).

Accommodation in hotels in the city of Tambov (Distance to Muchkap: 150 km)

Addresses of hotels can be found on the Internet.


Register to run:

Contact:  +7 (916) 700-60-66 Boris Mashenkov.

                  Sergey Vityutin.

                  Sports Complex "Salyut", poselok Muchkapsky (Tambov region), ul. Parkovaya, d. 3.

Previous competitions

Results: 2012-2018

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